For many organizations, the journey to a next generation data center technologies will be a disruptive transition. Practical technology frontrunners are taking benefit of this revolution to evaluate alternative technologies such as SDN and Cloud for cost reduction, agility, easy management, and performance matrix. Organized product assessments and Proof of Concepts can be influential tools in creating a comfort level with a new technology through expert knowledge transfer and hands on testing.

Validation plays the key role in gaining desired business objectives for any solution, whether it’s a green field or brown field design. A success full validation requires the correct subsets of hardware and software, proper planning, detailed design and feature rich testing tools. At the initial point of the evaluation of any new technology, it is very important to perform a technical evaluation of specific products as a small scale lab test in order to become familiar with its features. We help you secure equipment from our own demo pool and SDNStack labs and have one of our Solution Architects conduct a guided one day demonstration. This engagement includes knowledge transfer followed by a 30 day period for your staff to independently test and evaluate these products.

Solution Validation Services encompass:

• Exploration – Techonology overview, demos, workshops, EBC and use cases.
• Evaluation – Customer’s specific use case and initial testing.
• Execution – Use case full testing, Pilot programs, POC and solution certification.

Why SDNStack as a solution Validation?

At SDNStack we are committed to provide a solution that will be the one stop shop for the customers to test and validate SDN and cloud integrated solutions solving various infrastructure challenges. With a proven model based on exploration, evaluation and execution phases customers will be able to build confidence in bleeding edge technology that will solve their problems and result in an agile environment.

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