At SDN Stack we understand that with the modern day rapid business growth the network infrastructures are expanding at a swift pace. Such massive scaling results in to operational nightmares leading to poor optimization. Today an average IT infrastructure team is spending most of its time on configurations, equipment upgrades, security and troubleshooting. This leaves very less time for the innovation and optimization. Software Defined Networking delivers the results by reducing the IT operations time which eventually leads to more time for IT business innovation. This innovation is the future of the networks to gain agility, scalability and flexible management.

SDN Benefits for the Networks

• Speedy infrastructure provisioning and agility:
• Network wide flexibility and wide-ranging management
• Efficacy and Opex reduction
• Granulated infrastructure security
• Virtualized services and lowered capex

Why SDN Stack?

SDN-Stack mission is to help its customers over come challenges to adopt SDN technology. This includes the SDN services based on Prepare -> Plan -> Design-> Implement-> Operate->Optimize model. SDN Stack team helps cusomter from business case deveploment, network analysis, SDN readiness, vendor selection, POC, standardization, testing and validation while adopting software defined networking.

Our SDN services includes overview sessions, demos, tech workshops, training and knowledge transfer in phase one. In this phased approach once our customers understand what SDN and NFV is, the second phase will bring in the SDN lab with multiple top vendors solutions intergrated with various cloud models. This will help customer see an automated lab solution acting as a Pilot using SDN to solve their problems. Customer can leverage this lab to build their trust on upcoming technologies and the challenges it can solve.

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