SDNStack introduces LaaS Lab-as-a-Service, LaaS is a new concept in tech world. SDN LaaS will help customers test and validate latest SDN vendor solutions and their integration with cloud orchestration tool such as Open Stack and Vmware VSphere. This lab will include hardware, software and documented use cases solving various infrastructure problems. Customers will be able to deploy various leading Vendor solutions, test and validate their functionality. With a built in lab with various SDN and cloud technologies customer engineering staff will save lab deployment time, configuration hassle, and vendor selection.

Our lab solution consists of following solutions:
•Juniper Contrail + Open stack
•VMware NSX + vSphere
•ALU Nuage + Open stack
•HP Open-flow based VAN SDN Solution
•Cisco ACI + Open stack

Lab topologies are configure keeping both Greenfield and Brownfield deployments in mind. User will have an OpenStack controller node a SDN controller node and two hypervisors KVM and ESXI.

SDN & Openstack feature testing:
•KVM & ESXI management through Openstack
•High availability zone in Openstack
•VM deployment on both hypervisors through OpenStack
•Multi tenancy through Openstack and SDN
•Overlay network reachability between ESXI and KVM using “MPLS over GRE, MPLS over UDP, VXLAN, VXLAN over EVPN
• Segmentation of networks
•Micro segmentation “inter vlan and inter vlan”
•Service chaining using NFV

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