09 Jul

Application Services

Why Develop Complex Applications?

Technology today allows bending and molding of application in complex ways that would prove to be advantageous for the organizations. They get updated and outdated in a jiffy that the infrastructure often lags with compatibility issues. So, in order to mend application to improve the organization’s performance, the availability of adequate infrastructure and other facilities must be ensured.

What We Offer

We can offer our services to understand and apply your applications to adequate systems. We can help in designing, building new systems or migrating to an advanced environment so that a solid platform is laid for the applications and in turn the whole organization to operate effectively.

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09 Jul

Consolidation and Virtualization Services

What is Consolidation and Virtualization?

After migrating/upgrade of the services, the next big thing would be to operate on the consolidation and virtualization of the new environment.

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These efforts might have an impact on the overall business organization but it renders what is the best method for controversial topics health education key improvements in the areas of storage and networks.

What We Offer

Our services include methods to discover a strategy, design it and deploy it throughout the environment. We ensure to maximize the efficiency and minimize the overall operational costs involved in the consolidation operations.

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09 Jul

Migrating and Upgrading Services

What is Migrating and Upgrading?

In business, a point will arrive where a change, big or small, would become a necessity. The thought process usually goes from “Do I need the change?” to “How will I organize the change?” and then to “Can I afford it?” The same applies to the IT infrastructure services in an organization as well.

Why Do Companies Migrate and Upgrade?

Some of the main reasons that companies choose these services are: they might want to lower the cost of ownership or they would want to become a standards-based platform environment or they might want to improve the mobility constraints. The range and scale of these services can be judged based on the platform or the location they wish to migrate to. Some of the popular environments include IBM mainframe, UNISYS mainframe and other large distributed environments.

What We Offer

Our migration and update services offer the complete package- from identifying the right platform to upgrade/migrate to, calculating feasibility to the actual implementation process. We would make sure that you are up and back on your feet with the new make-over as soon as possible.

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09 Jul

Strategy and Planning Services

What is Strategy and Planning?

As with every program, devising an efficient strategy and contemplating a brilliant plan is crucial for the success. Some of the major infrastructure services project includes creation or migration of data centers and the associated tasks.

Phases of Strategy and Planning

The various phases included in the planning & strategy phase are the analysis of business and resources, program management, development of business case, governance etc. This phase allows the creation of a clear road map for the present and the future.

What We Offer

We help you accomplish this part by laying out the complete structure for transformation. We plan, train and help in making the transition a much smoother process. Not only we make you understand why, we would also help you learn how.

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02 Jul

Professional Services

Professional services built on 20 years of infrastructure expertise

Is Your IT organization pressed to do more in less time, with fewer people, and under tighter budgets?. SDNstack Professional Services are designed with those needs in mind. Our portfolio encompasses a range of technology-enabled services that include comprehensive development and support for end-to-end, multi-vendor environments. These capabilities allow you to supplement your IT resources with customized solutions that address your unique business requirements. SDNstack modular services delivered by technology evangelist devoted to planning and implementing systems that prevent downtime of critical business operations.

Our trusted advisors work with your staff to perform technology assessments, make recommendations and implement solutions. SDNstack Professional Services model goes beyond the traditional relationship that center on achieving end-to-end solutions availability: we work with you as a true business partner, applying our specialized knowledge and customer success.


Services offering that center on achieving end-to-end solutions availability

Phase I-Plan

Plan phase enables customer to design ideal infrastructure keeping the business requirements in mind. SDNstack professional service team have spent decades in the industry touching every vertical from Telco, SP, cable companies, to enterprise whether it’s giant pharmaceuticals, healthcare or FSI from national to global banking. Because of our broader technology and vertical experience, we understand customer’s pain points and their priorities and how to align technological needs with various lines of businesses.

Services description: Assessment & Design

Phase II-Build

The Build stage is where our expert professions test and validate the design before it goes in production. Once all testing and validation is complete our deployment engineers will not only deploy but also migrate to the new environment with the goal of minimizing downtime.

Services description: Deployment & Migration


Service offering Across Infrastructure life Cycle

Network Security Software DataBase Cloud SDN Server Storage
Cisco Cisco Windows Orcale AWS Cisco ACI HP HP 3PAR
Juniper Juniper Redhat Microsoft Microsoft Azure Juniper Contrail Dell EMC
Arista Checkpoint Splunk VMware VMware NSX IBM NetApp
HP/Aruba PaloAlto VMware Openstack ALU Nuage Super Micro IBM
F5 Fortinet SCCM Google CloudGenix Cisco Brocade
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